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Software to manage Corporate Hospitality & Sponsorship, Conferences, Exhibitions, Product Launches & Award Ceremonies

The Guest Management System for Corporate Hospitality & Sponsorship

We have provided the technical infrastructure to mange the complex and detailed requirements of Corporate Hospitality & Sponsorship.

We call this the Guest Management System

Corporate hospitality has to be handled correctly so that your teams stay in line with agreed compliance procedures and keep within budget limits.


Congress - the Multi Channel Event Platform

Congress is our exciting state of the art event platform that will impress delegates and sponsors while making your life easy when running an on-site, virtual or hybrid conference or exhibition.

Both on-site and on-line are managed in the same system.

On-line Registration

On-site check in and badgeing

On-line check-in, chat, questionaires, polls, one2one meetings, fireside chats, speaker management, livestream and recorded sessions, remote presenters, exhibitor lead tracking – Congress gives you everything for a professional highley branded event.  

Award Ceremony Management

Running Awards Programs is a complex business.

Managing the submissions with or without payment, judging the sumissions and manageing the judges are all complex and time consuming.

Creating and publishing the awards all take time and require attention to detail.

Selling seats or tables for the awards ceremonies is an integarl part of the system.

Award Ceremony Management from Xitagy makes this simple, cost effctive and very efficient.

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The Virtual Conference Company

The Virtual Conference Company have years of experience in creating and running events using world class TV production and presentation skills.

We can increase your audience reach and extend the life of your event by incorporating virtual elements to your on-site event.

Our event producers have developed techniques to make virtual work for event organisers and their sponsors in the real world.

By using the latest techniques we can improve your ROI simply by getting better and more focused leads over a longer period of time.

Speak to our specialist team at The Virtual Conference Company.com for more information

Event Support Services



eVentBackOffice helps two groups of people.

B2B marketers who run events for customers, prospects and their own staff.

Conference organisers who want to handle delegate registrations without permanent employees.

eVentBackOffice supports you and your delegates from invitation, registration to check-in and beyond.  We are NOT an event agency we just provide the skills to deal with the peak administration loads involved in running an event.

To find out more follow this link

Livestream and video recording

Practical and cost effective video livestreaming and recording of conferences, award ceremonies product launches, theatre productions and other events.

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E-Commerce & Internet Software Development


How to move to an e-commerce way of working.

We can help you combine on-line sales and support with your existing business systems.

Software Development

Quick and cost effective Internet software design and development is at the core of what we do.

So we can make the Internet work for you the way you need it to – quickly and without costing the earth.

Work with a talented team

Everything and everyone you need to make your idea work and succeed on the Internet and beyond

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