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Services and software to start, grow and sell your company

Process is everything - find out why

Business Incubator

Business plan appraisal

Common sense, no holds barred apprisal of the plans viability. What won’t work and why.  What is worth a try.

Admin support

We can deal with the admin of setting up and running a business so that you can concentrate on sales and delivery.


Seed capital

We really are prepared to put our money where our mouth is. We can help with inital funding and support.

Getting investment

We have helped a number of companies raise substansial sums from private and corpoarte investors.

We know how to present the opportunity and have access to a number of investment networks.

Revitalise mature products

There is life in the old dog

Some products no longer fit into your strategy. We can revitalise them and get the last ounce of gold. Repackage, revitalise, re-brand, re-launch what ever you call it we extract the  last ounce of gold and often sell the rights on to another company.

Sales Process Engineering

Make your entire sales and marketing process more efficent and scalable. Make it easier to hire sucessful sales people.

Apply tested engineering approachs that work to the messy sales process.

prepare to Exit

Make your company easy to buy

Selling a company is easy if someone wants to buy it.  The only problem is that most owner managed business are not actually very attractive to larger organisations.

Our people have been involved in profitably exiting several businesses. let us help you dramatically shorten the sales process. 

Work with a talented team

Everything and everyone you need to make your idea work and succeed on the Internet and beyond

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