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About us


No nonsense people very experienced in sales, marketing, events, training, software design, software implementation, finance, company start ups and company sales.

01. Strategic

We always start by looking at the big picture – what are you trying to achieve and why. Our experience means we don’t take long or waste time doing this.

02. Tactical

We have the software and people to make things work the way you need, on time , first time and within budget.

03. Supportive

You’re the face of your business  – we’re the back room team making it happen, whenever and wherever – we are there to support you.


Where we came from


We have built over 10 companies from scratch and sucessfully sold three.

This experience has helped form who we are.

The future

We will invest in and support new companies.

We will revitalise existing products and services to maximise the potential return.

We help owner managers to create a viable basis for exiting their company – esentially by maing it easy for someone to buy your company.

What We Do Best

WE Save you money

We don’t waste your money on gimmicks – we give you what you need to make it work

WE Know your business

Been there, done that and eaten the tee shirt – you save time by not having to explain your business

We keep in touch

You work all hours to build your business – we are available 18/7 so contact us when you need to.

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