Award Programme Manager


for everyone who organises awards programmes or conference submissions

Easily manage award entries, judging, seat and table sales

The Awards Programme Manager system helps you make more money with less effort and resources.

Easily integrate the submission of entries with just one button or link on your web site.

Infinitly flexible branding for each award programe and award category

Each award category can have different entry questions, screen layout and on-line help.

Simple log on and work flow for judges so they see exactly what they have to do.

Send emails to entrants, seat sales and judges – especially good for chasing judges.

See at a glance how many entries you have and which judges have entries to mark.

Submit entries

Submit online entries to any number of award categories.
Functions include:
– Unlimited Categories
– Form & Field Designer
– Totally flexiable branding
– Email Templates
– PDF Uploads
– Image Uploads
– Multiple file uploads
– Online Payment
– Invoice me
– Flexible pricing schemes
– Issue VAT Receipts and invoices
…and lots more.

Judge entries

Each category of award can have multiple judges & a different marking scheme

Judging is on-line – no paper to ship or files to transfer

Marks are totalled but the chairman of the judges can override the result

Judges only see the entries they are to mark

Admin see entries by award category and judging status.

Admin see & manage who has entries to judge

Online reporting

…and lots more.

Sell ceremony places, tables & sponsorship 

Sell places or tables with early bird pricing

On-line recording of guests names and food preferences

Flexible pricing plans

Pay on-line or by invoice

Organise seating plans

Send info to the venue

Revenue management

… and lots more.

Kickstart your Award Programme success

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