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Xitagy helps people to do business through the Internet

Working with new and existing business to make them more efficient.

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Don’t Settle For Average

We build software, nurture start up teams and revitalise mature products mainly in the events and Internet space

Xitagy provides an umbrella of support and management functions for both new and mature products and services.

We provide an environment where established products and start ups can reach their full potential.

If you are looking to start up, expand, revitalise or exit a business we can help in many different ways.

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Charge Forward

Build on our success

Building a business is hard and often lonely. We have been there and know the score

  • We help clarify your thinking and goals
  • We give effective help when you need it
  • We make things happen

an umbrella of services

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DOING business on the Internet


Startup company incubator

Business Model Appraisal

Seed capital

Help with raising investment

Entrepreneur mentoring

Improving business processes

Preparing your company for sale



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What we do

Xitagy specialises in starting, growing, and exiting businesses especially those involved in software and events.

New and growing companies are nurtured within our seed capital and company incubator programs.

We revitalise mature products and services extending their life and maximising their ROI.

We help owner managers prepare their company for exit by making it easy for someone to buy it.



An environment to grow that includes administration, finance, marketing, IT and seed capital

Company Sales

Helping you to prepare your company so that it is easy and attractive to buy


Providing support and mentoring to help mature companies grow and prepare for exit

Revitalise Products

We take mature products that no longer fit your business, revitalise them and get the best ROI

From Our Founder

Constant Improvement

Deep in our DNA is the realisation that if you keep doing the same thing you will probably get the same result.

That is why we practice Kaizan – the deceptively simple Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement to working practices and personal efficiency.

We decide where we want to be, assess the current situation, identify our resources and plan a way forward – that often doesn’t follow the norm.

We may be different – but never just for the sake of it. 

No gimmicks – but often unusual ideas and common sense.

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