The Event Internet Technology Specialists

We provide software, technology and services to manage and support your attendees, delegates, guests, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors, both on-site and over the Internet.

We combine state of the art software development with real world hands on event management and marketing experience.

We’re not an AV company, we don’t supply lighting, audio or staging. Just our powerful, flexible and easy to use software that enables you to manage your event efficiently from start to finish. The Virtual Conference Company team provide administration and delivery services including the world class eVentBackOffice to supliment your team when they are stretched. 

Use Congress, the software platform for live, on-site, multi-channel and hybrid event delivery, to send invitations, register people on-line, sell tickets, check-in guests and produce badges at the venue, record exhibitor leads, track visitors both on-site and on-line, livestream some or all of your event to registered delegates, provide ways for delegates to interact with each other.

Most importantly help your sponsors, exhibitors  and speakers interact with delegates before, during and after the event. Congress gives your sponsors many opportunities to engage with delegates both on the day and either side of the main event.

The Corporate Hospitality Guest Management System provides a complete solution for managing the complexities of Corporate Hospitality. Everything from your staff requesting tickets with or without an approval process, to allocating tickets so your sales teams can manage their own invitations, sending email and written invitations, on-line and telephone registration, management of +1’s, accommodation, transport, and seating plans. All using your branding at every opportunity.

In short everything you need to manage a simple dinner through to thousands of tickets for International Golf Tournaments or a season of Premier League football match’s.



Save time
Lower your costs
Impress your clients
Reduce your risk
Learn new skills


Achieve better visibility
Increase your profit margins
Improve your sponsorship revenue
Receive end-to-end support
Improve your sponsors’ ROI


Engage with more delegates
Increase your ROI and KPI’s
Faster presentation production
Close the gap between you and the delegates


We are a team with experience and enthusiasm for events.

This includes; software development and support, Internet technology, promoting and running events, live theatre, music, script writing, website development, graphic design, marketing, promotional videos, advertisements, documentary making, pre and post video production, real-time streaming, presenting in-person and live-to-camera.

In short, we can solve most (if not all!) of your conference and exhibition technology needs.

GET IN TOUCH to discuss your requirements, and together we can make your event a reality.


The Virtual Conference Company is our team of event producers, administrators and technicians.

They plan, organise and deliver cost effective interactive virtual events using software and video to get your message across to as wide an audience as possible.

Virtually anything can be delivered as an interactive virtual event including conferences, exhibitions, AGM’s,, new product launches, sales and dealer conferences, company announcements, sales webinars, meet the experts, product demonstrations, awards ceremonies, graduation ceremonies.

Working alongside your conventional event professionals we can help create the virtual experience that supports and complements your on-site event.

Some people call this a hybrid event – we call it the multi-channel event experience

Using our techniques and platforms extends the reach and life of your event. You can reach more delegates and the length of time your event has value to sponsors and delegates alike for longer. This in turn creates a better ROI for your sponsors as it becomes part of a long tail marketing exercise rather than just a one off event.


The team at Xitagy and The Virtual Conference Company are always happy to pass on our real world experience. Find the answer to your question in our FAQ section or just give us a call on +44 (0)1663 308 250.