Symphony Examples

The links on this page show examples of ways to extract Event data from Symphony and display it on a WordPress website using a series of shortcodes.

The shortcodes use a  WordPress plugin which in turn uses the Symphony API’s to link to

Symphony shortcode options are controlled from Dashboard – Settings – Symphony Settings.  Some shortcodes have an optional Filter / Search area either above or below the list of events.

Most shortcodes display the Event default web page if set or fields from the Event – Basic Details page.  The fields shown are determined by symphony-connect.php and the API’s it calls

Below are links to different examples – using the v1 single connection plugin

A list of current and future Events with a search / filter capability

An Event spotlight page that shows different ways of getting event specific information from Symphony

Another Event spotlight that shows how to bring the Event long Description into the default web page of an Event – eventid=7285

Display just the long description without creating a web site  for eventid=16413 using the [ symphonydesc ] shortcode

Using the language DIV concept in a long description to create a single multi language page  for eventid=16373

Create a Symphony web site and bring the multi lingual long description into it – eventid=16373

See the multi lingual web site for eventid=16413This example demonstrates one way of providing a multi lingual web page design by using tags in the header area.

These work Using the newer v3 version of the plugin

Using the newer multi-site link to show events maintained on the Symphony Demo account.

[symphonygen apikey=”rugAgajUd7qe62ugenaves8usw8peZUch5stedr6wet6yufres67a548ruspanAf” secretkey=”pRuTra5ewefreWr2sWA3abeSeYUvebru”]