Exit Strategy

Preparing your company for sale

When Xitagy started, our focus was on helping owner managers prepare their business for sale.


Upmarket expensive business consultants call this developing an Exit Strategy.  We call it making the business easy to buy!


We help people to prepare their company for sale.


Fundamental to our approach are two important concepts:

Make the company successful and easy to manage by creating organisation structures, systems and procedures. 

Stop the owner being the key to the success of the business.

Together they make the business easy to buy and therefore quick to sell.


To achieve this we provide services and products to improve sales process, marketing, customer acquisition, financial reporting and customer support.


As a result many clients decide not to sell their business because they become more profitable, more fun, less hassle allowing you, the owner, to do more with their life.

As we have grown we now work with many of our partners providing CEO and Executive Mentoring, Part Time Directors and Non Exec Directors.


Increasingly we take Equity Stakes in our partners and provide Incubator services to new companies.


We offer services and computer systems to improve Sales and Customer processes. These include  eCommerce web sites and management reporting.


We are big fans of Sales Process Engineering –  the creation of repeatable sales processes to increase customer acquisition and retention.


All this is based around our no nonsense – no money up front approach.


To find out how we could do great things together call +44 (0)1663 308 250 for a confidential, no obligation – no cost chat.


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Titus Wardle, CEO of Ductwork Compliance

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