Award Programme Manager by Xitagy

Easily Manage Your Award Programs


See how easy it is to submit an entry to your awards program

Te encourage people to submit multiple entries and so that they can update their entries they will be asked to create an account.

The Awards Programme Manager system helps you make more money with less effort and resources.

Easily integrate the submission of entries with your web site.

Infinitly flexible branding for each award programe and award category

Each award category can have different entry questions, screen layout and on-line help.

Flexible charging for entries including early-bird and quantity discounts.

Have as many judges as you like on each category. Set up judging criteria for each category.

Simple log on for judges so they see exactly what they have to do.

In-built email sending from Administrators to judges – especially good for chasing judges.

Administrators can see at a glance how many entries and which judges have NOT marked them.

Real-time statistics of entries and revenue.

On-line sale of award ceremony seats and tables. Flexible pricing by date and quantity.


We’ve got You Covered

We provide support and training, based on our experience of running awards programes ourseleves. We know how difficult it is to juggle the different roles in a sucessful award program and that is why we developed this software so that you’ve got peace of mind.

Our clients include Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, English Premier League, FA Cup, Sipsmith, BMW and many more.

There are three legs to the Awards Program Management software 

Easy ways to make Entries

We make it easy for you to link the entry screens to your website. Customise the l;ayout and on-screen help so people can make the best possible submissions and pay for them if required.

Manage the entries & judging

Flexible set up and branding at award programe and category level. Simple but powerful tools for your judges.

Sell seats and tables

Integrated seat and table sales for the award ceremony. Manage the guest food preferences, update the seating plan and check guests in as they arrive. 


Awards Program Management Features

Fully Customisable

Each Award Program can be customised individually so they are unique to your brand style.

Easy to Use

Built with the end user in mind, operating the platform and making changes is easy.

Emails and Reminders

Send emails and automatic reminders to make sure you’ve got all the information you need.


Only those with admin access can manage an event, keeping everyone’s data safe.

Training & Support

As part of your subscription, full training and support is included so that you have peace of mind.

One System

As the manager you see all the Award Programs and entries. Your judges only see the entries they need to.