Guest Management by Xitagy

Help your staff manage their guests with ease


The guest management system

Who is being invited? How many guests are there? Do they require any rooms? Any dietary requirements? Does anyone need any accessibilty support?

These questions are vital to your success when hosting an event. If you are a marketing team supporting a diverse sales force or an agency working for a client we can help.

Cut out miscommunication by helping your staff or client manage their guests with the Guest Management System from Xitagy.

Easily make the system match your branding. Add logos and colours to match your themes, and if required, display your site with a custom domain name.

You can oversee all of your events in one platform, whilst staff only see what’s applicable to them.

It enables your client to send branded and personalised invitations by email or post, see at a glance who has been invited and who is attending, along with ticket allocations and nominations and of course costs.

The invitations can be tracked and pre-allocated to include features like +1’s, accommodation, meals, and event upgrades.

As venue hosts you can oversee any guest requirements/changes so that you know exactly how many rooms are needed, which meals are going on what table, and more… All without having to chase your client.


We’ve got You Covered

We provide support and training, along with our experience of working with venues, end user organisations and their ticketing agencies, so that you’ve got peace of mind.

Our previous clients include Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, English Premier League, FA Cup, Sipsmith, BMW and many more.

With 3 templates built into your subscription plan, it’s easy to build and customise events for your clients to manage their guests:

Corporate Events

Focusing more on the business side of things, this template focuses on cost tracking, logistics and travel requirements, all whilst giving you the data that you’ll need to see to make the relevent decisions on your end.

Private Events

This template has been specifically designed for events such as weddings, parties, birthdays and celebrations. This gives your client more help with the vital information you need, such as dietary requirements.

Ticketed Events

This template allows you to set capacity and ticket quotas so that only those with invites and tickets can attend. With cost and acceptance tracking, this template makes managing ticketed events simple.


GMS Features

Fully Customisable

Each event can be customised individually so they are unique to your client.

Easy to Use

Built with the end user in mind, operating the platform and making changes is easy.

Invitations and Reminders

Send ivitations and automatic reminders to make sure you’ve got all the information you need.


Only those with admin access can manage an event, keeping everyone’s data safe.

Training & Support

As part of your subscription, full training and support is included so that you have peace of mind.

One System

You as the venue have access to all the events with log-in but your client will only see theirs.