Helping owner managers

When Xitagy started our focus was helping owner managed business to create successful exit strategies

In other words we helped people to prepare their company for sale

Our approach has two fundamental and important concepts:

Make a company successful and easy to manage by creating organisation structures, systems and procedures. This makes it easy to buy or run – which ever you want

Stop the owner being the key to the success of the business

To achieve this we provide management support, services and products that improve your sales, marketing, customer acquisition, customer support and financial reporting.

The success of this approach had an unexpected effect:

Many of our partners decided to keep their business because it was more profitable, more fun, less hassle and allowed the owner to do more with their life

We now offer more services and solutions including:

eCommerce web sites, that drive sales and expand markets

Sales Process Engineering – the creation of systems and processes to increase your customer acquisition rates and retention

Financial and management reporting support services

As partners you benefit from CEO and Executive Mentoring

Part Time and Non Exec Directors to bolster your management team

Increasingly we take Equity Stakes in our partners and provide Incubator services to new companies

All this delivered with our no nonsense – value for money approach.

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Business Exit Strategy

Xitagy works with you the owner manager and your senior management team to position the businesses for sale

We believe that many people trying to sell businesses waste up to two years getting it to the point where it will attract the right buyer

Xitagy believes that by earlier engagement and tight management of the process the sale proceeds can be maximised and end to end time scales reduced

Established by successful business people with a track record of founding, growing and exiting businesses the team at Xitagy has the experience, skills and processes to help owners and management teams quickly realise genuine value from their business

The key individuals in Xitagy provide Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR and IT expertise together  with a network of powerful legal and taxation advisers to maximise the return from your business.

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